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    the aesthetic with the practical, cost with value, and time with quality. Our success is the result of high intentions, sincere effort, intelligent direction, and skillful execution.
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    is measured by how quality performs over time. Building successful, long-term relationships demands performance. We have earned our reputation for quality and value by designing innovative spaces which stand the test of time.
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    Classically beautiful, comfortably quiet, commanding attention without the need to shout for it.
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    Art married to science and technology, honoring history, nature, and the future.
  • The greatest test
    of architectural beauty is the fitness of the design for the purpose intended. - Pugin
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23 Years

538 Projects, 338 Clients, 4 Continents, 14 States, 127 Cities, over $200 million

McCathren Architects selected for Redbud YMCA

58,000 sf, $7,600,000

I just want to say how much I appreciate you and how you handled the project leading up to yesterday’s voter’s decision. I look forward to our continued future workings. Please accept this as one of many Thanks Yous from the JN Board and communities.

Jim Hudson, President, Jim Ned CISD School Board

Many firms that I have dealt with over the past 25 years, do not listen to the owners and what they prioritize as to their needs or budgets. Jim and his firm do listen. I have found Jim and his very capable staff friendly and courteous, unpretentious, and always willing to assist, even on the most menial of tasks or assignments. I feel that I am getting what I wanted: professional work, at affordable prices, with the bonus of dealing with affable parties.

Mike O’Neal, Partner, International Candy, Ltd.

We only do business with people who work as hard or harder than we do. We like doing business with McCathren Architects.

Linda Holliday, Venture Kay, LLC

It is a pleasure to work with McCathren Architects. The plans are very good and it is even easier to get questions answered in a timely manner. Looking forward to working with them again.

Robert Aubry, Royal Seal, Inc.

McCathren Architects are very thorough. They are extremely detail oriented. I wish all architects we work with worked like they do. I’ve told them that time and time again. I just haven’t ever worked with a firm which does the quality of work they do.

Leslie Rogers, Shepard Equipment

The quality of work that comes out of McCathren Architects is consistently outstanding. They always give honest answers to the toughest questions.

John Kendall, Zia, Inc.

During the process of planning, construction and completion, Jim was attentive to every detail and made every effort to see that the project would be a success. He listened carefully to the ideas we had about the function and purpose of the Recreation Complex and came in with the architectural design which suited our purpose superbly. I found him to be an agreeable gentlemen with whom it was a pleasure to work on any kind of architectural or building project.

Thomas K. Kim, Past President, McMurry University

I particularly appreciated the fact that his estimates were consistently within the budget and we were not faced with embarrassing shortfalls at the end of the building program.

Charles Hundley, Superintendent, Abilene ISD

Great finished product. Excellent service, high design standards, outstanding attention to details and technical issues.

Phil Scott, Healthy Mex, Inc.

I am pleased to say it was a great time with Jim and Chase. It was a great experience; as I will always tell them. They were most essential at the site and instrumental in teaching construction techniques and ideas. I must say thanks very much for all they have done in my life.

Malakie Sonsiama, Sweet Salone Management Company, Ltd.

Students are having a real good time – NICE project!

Thomas Toy, ARAMark

Our vision is now reality, a facility for the 21st century.

Seaton Higginbotham, Bolt, Inc.

“I have only good things to say about McCathren Architects. When we worked together on restaurant development, they did a fabulous job. The effort was really up and beyond the call…the extra mile!

Suzanne Hopkins, PEPSICO Food Service

Expectations were more than met…they were exceeded! I don’t think you could have built a new building better than what we have now. We’ve nothing but good to say about McCathren Architects.

Vincent Higginbotham, Owner, Arrow Ford

We wouldn’t use anyone else! McCathren Architects is McMurry’s architectural, engineering and construction firm.

Carl Brown, Vice President, McMurry University

I am really impressed with the creative ability of McCathren Architects. The insight of this company and its people is just amazing!

Paul Lenker, Abilene Motorsports

As other projects come up, McCathren Architects will be our first stop. We feel very positive about cost and time results with them.

Gary Sorrells, Continent of Great Cities Corporation

McCathren Architects did it all! It was a unique plan and complicated process to complete a unique, historically significant restoration project.

Beryle Murdock, President, Kent County State Bank

The Vice President of our company came to visit. His comment was “this is the best looking cash operation in the whole region”. Our Sports Grille is a nice, relaxing atmosphere – the social place. The Bullpen and the Pressbox are very popular meeting places. Jim was a tireless overseer and outstanding.

Tom Toy, ARAMark

The guys listened intently and the plans developed resulted in a very esthetically pleasing project, constructed in a fine manner, with a very nice plan. We received quality work from McCathren Architects. An excellent working relationship and I would definitely return.

Bill Harper, US Forest Service

The Senior staff…vice-president of lending, operations, branch operations and myself…told McCathren Architects what we needed and wanted and he put it on paper where we all could understand it. It has been an easy process.

James Boyd, President, Abilene Teachers FCU

Our home turned out just as we had envisioned it! It’s a classic Georgian on the outside. But, once you step through the doors, it’s a spatial experience on the inside!

Tim Simpson, Tim Simpson, DDS

The Sports Grille is being received exceptionally well. We gave McCathren Architects an amount of money that we were prepared to spend in there, and they covered everything – from the original design, through the construction, to all the interior decorating. They really helped us “open up” Maedgen, especially downstairs, to make it much more service oriented and user friendly. It is a pleasant place for students, faculty and campus guests to come and conduct their business. McMurry has a real sense that McCathren Architects is in a partnership with us as we attempt to provide an outstanding education for young men and women in West Texas. They have helped us revitalize our campus facilities and we look forward to doing a great deal more in the future.

Bob Shimp, President, McMurry University

We not only built a residence, but we restored an historic building built in 1884. McCathren Architects do great work. I’m very pleased and consider them friends. You can’t say much more than that!

David Vletas, Allegro Operating, Inc.

People used to say there’s no place cool to hang out . . . . now look at THIS!

Gary Stricklin, KTXS

The Vice President of our company came to visit. His comment was “this is the best looking cash operation in the whole region”. Our Sports Grille is a nice, relaxing atmosphere – the social place. The Bullpen and the Pressbox are very popular meeting places. Jim was a tireless overseer and outstanding.

Tom Toy, ARAMark

The Cypress Street Station is one of the top five restaurants in this part of the country!

Gary Ford, Travel Writer, Southern Living Magazine

I’ve worked in this state most of my life and this is by far the most outstanding dealership design I have seen.

Dan Hendrix, Ford Motor Company

I’ve really enjoyed working with McCathren Architects. We’ve had a lot of hard work and good times. It took a lot of effort to develop a concise proposal for funding to be used to re-work our old courthouse. The result, of course, was successful!

Tom Isbell, Mayor, City of Anson

We are very pleased! The relationship with McCathren Architects has worked out very well – three branch banks and extensive remodeling in the United Bank building. We think they do very good work.

Truitt Davis, Chairman, United Bank and Trust

The design phase is one of the most important parts of putting a building together. McCathren Architects were able to meld our ideas into their basic plan, to the benefit of the project. This design understanding between us and McCathren Architects resulted in the exceptional accomplishment of our project. Jim was recommended to me by some people who told me that they felt he would be competitive with his pricing and, yes, he was. In negotiating price, there was no sacrifice of quality.

Cecil Barcelo, Assisted Living Centers, League City, Texas

This was my first building experience and having heard all the horror stories of people building anything, I found none of them. I felt like everything Jim told me would happen did happen.

Gary Lamb, Gary Lamb, Doctor of Orthotics

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